FTP AntiBot kills Scalping Bots

The End of Bots in Crypto?

Bots are destroying the Altcoin/Memecoin market for the average trader. FairTokenProject is launching a public API to put an end to them.

Types of Bots

FairTokenProject identifies the two most common bot types trading coins today are pump-and-dump bots and scalping bots. Both of these bots execute all their transactions in the exact same second. Whether its 5 buy orders, or a buy-then-sell order. Regardless of how legit a project may be, these foul players ruin the coins capability. And even worse, they make it very difficult for the average trader to make a profit. FTPAntiBot catches both of these bot types.

How FTPAntiBot helps

FairTokenProject published a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that scans the bot address and can trace that address’s history within the coin using it. FTPAntiBot is able to be used by anyone. FairTokenProject wants to level the playing field for traders and send these foul players packing.

FTPAntiBot will return a boolean to the requesting contract, so it’s up to each coin to decide how to handle the perpetrators. Through the information available to the contract, they can capture not only the target address but also the tx.origin address(the wallet that controls the bot).

FairTokenProject coins update FTPAntiBot with banned addresses. This allows for a secure way to populate a public list of known offenders. When a new coin starts using FTPAntiBot even the very first transaction will be protected by checking against the entire FTPAntiBot repository.

How to use FTPAntiBot

FTPAntiBot is a contract as a service. Right now FairTokenProject is giving away the tokens required to use the service for FREE. If you have a project that you want to see protected by FTPAntiBot, or if you are planning to be a holder of an upcoming coin that may not be using FTPAntiBot protection, then head over to FairTokenProject.com/#antibot to get your coin protected.

Product of FairTokenProject

The Fair Token Project aims to encourage collaboration and education in Ethereum Smart Contracts to help propel crypto into the future. fairtokenproject.com